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Qarma features
Qarma is an all-in-one solution
we drive efficiency, accuracy and transparency.
Real-time update and tracking
Check inspection results instantly and track GPS location of inspections.
Automated order-to-inspection process
We integrate with ERP and PLM systems to generate the optimal brief for the inspector. Completely automated. Customize inspection workflows per product category, inspection type or supplier.
Inspector schedule planning
Use the planning module to optimize inspector schedule and travel. Get a quick overview of the full schedule, and re-arrange with one click.
Supplier and inspector performance KPIs
Real-time statistics on supplier performance on defect types and rejected inspections & check inspector performance and patterns.
Corrective action plans
Gather all communication following a non-conforming inspection in one place, including corrective actions and follow-up. Attach documents or pictures to prove resolution of corrective actions.
Customize and track approval workflows
Automatic approval flows and reminders that can be customized for different product types, suppliers or inspection outcomes.
Access control
Control access for user roles and access group, for example give sourcing offices access to their own inspection data only.
Offline mode
Inspectionst can run completely offline in case of poor network connectivity. Once online again, the app will automatically upload data.
Image annotation and video capturing
Annotate images or capture video to explain quality issues in a visual way
AQL standards and defect classification
All the ISO 2850 AQL tables as well as custom protocols are supported, and defects are classified into categories and sub-categories for quick reporting and data intelligence.
Inspection flexibility
Combine inspections for similar products or production batches to maximize inspection and review efficiency. Different workflows for sample, first production, inline, final and warehouse inspections.
Language support for English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Optionally use built-in automated translation for checklists and comments.
No-touch inspection planning
Inspectors planning their own schedule can scan the barcode on the product with the mobile app and immediatetly start the inspection with zero planning involved. Also very useful for self-QC.
Cross-platform app
The QC app runs on any Android or iOS device, including iPhones, iPads etc. To plan inspections, review reports and check statistics, any web browser can be used on either laptop, tablet or phone.

how Qarma works


  • Actionable insights
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier benchmarking


  • Automated processes
  • No report writing
  • Simple and intuitive solution


  • Real-time reporting
  • All in one place
  • Share QA data with all concerned parties

How it works

We convert orders into inspections


Easily connect Qarma with your ERP or PLM system and we convert it into an inspection through our encrypted gateway, which allow you to share relevant data with the inspector, so they have sufficient information to perform an inspection. Qarma partners and works seamlessly with various ERP, PLM, EMS, MES systems and offer automatic integration.

We support a range of different file formats for data exchange, such as Excel, CSV, XML and JSON which can be sent through a web service, FTP server or a dedicated mailbox.




Make sure your ERP system is always up-to-date. When an inspection has been performed, Qarma can automatically update the order status in your ERP system, including a direct link to the interactive report as well as PDF version for your archives.

There is no reason to compromise on date integrity and ease of use: Of course your users should be able to look up inspection reports on the order in your ERP system!

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