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Quality assurance today is characterized by outdated manual processes consisting of paper based reports and spreadsheets, which leave organizations disconnected from quality with lack of transparency, efficiency and accuracy.

We are changing that by offering an all-in-one cloud based & mobile solution to plan – perform – report – and evaluate on quality.

Who we are

We are not an inspection company but a quality and data company. We don’t just capture and measure quality. We drive real change that transforms businesses and improves quality.

Committed to make things better

At Qarma, we want to help companies improve quality and make better products. We believe in empowerment of people as we digitalize an underdigitalized industry for increased transparency and communication rather than control. Whether behind the desk or on the floor, people using Qarma actively contribute to limiting resource waste as we build culture around quality and responsibility together.

Collaborating for a better solution

With Qarma, you’ll experience a dedicated team of down to earth people. It takes high integrity to be on the high horse of quality, and we’ve got it. Influenced by our Scandinavian roots, we’re collaborative and listening by nature. This results in strong relationships with clients in which we share ideas for creating the best solution and promoting change. And our ‘leave no one behind-setup’ works – no matter where you are, we provide training and support to make sure you succeed.


At Qarma, we pride ourselves to be a tool company focusing on maximum usability. With our simple and easy all-in-one QC tool, brands, suppliers and retailers get the overview and insight they need to make real change when it comes to quality and compliance. Inspections are made with strong emphasis on images which breaks down language barriers and minimizes time spent on report writing. It’s a scalable solution that makes quality improvements attainable for anyone.


Qarma is a fast-growing company headquartered in Europe. We are on a mission to make quality and compliance a game changer in retail and become the leading digital tool- and platform for brands, retailers, sourcing companies and factories.





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